What We Do

In any computing environment there are Technical Silos which take the form of the architechture which implemented them.

Our view and belief here at Velolux is that by looking at the enterprise in a Horizontal way we can better leverage technology and current system asssets to achieve superior results.

Our Company is founded on the priciples that simple solutions provide better long term results. Our group looks at our clients computing architecture and understands what their overall goals are. By fully understanding a clients business goals we can align computing solutions to achieve their business objectives.

We understand that not all have a budget to accomplish their desired architecture, by understanding this point of view, we then tactically provide solutions to your meet your overall strategy working within your budget.

Our Approach

Seven shared values have been at the heart of Velolux since our formation. These values influence the way we meet client needs while respecting the regulatory requirements of each country in which we operate, and the way we promote ethically sound practices within Velolux and in our partnerships. They are:

  • Honesty, particularly the refusal of unfair business practices aimed at obtaining a particular contract or advantage. In line with this principle, Velolux has established clear rules with respect to commissions and gifts of all kinds.
  • Boldness, in the sense of an entrepreneurship and desire to take considered risks balanced by prudence and clear-sightedness, without which a bold manager can become reckless.
  • Trust, which implies a willingness to empower employees and teams, and to allow managers to experience the effects of their initiatives and decisions. Trust also implies an open mind and genuine transparency in the flow of information, and is at the heart of our collaborative business experience.
  • Freedom, which includes creativity, innovation, independence of mind and respect for others in their diverse cultures, habits, and customs, all of which are crucial for a company success.
  • Solidarity with clients, employees, and partners; the ability to share in both good and bad times.
  • Modesty in relations with others and in our approach to issues.
  • Fun, without which any corporate vision is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to implement.

We've created a formal code of ethics to clarify and promote these practices. Learn more about the way our long-standing values and practices are reflected in our corporate responsibility and stewardship, the way we collaborate with our clients, and the way we relate to our employees


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